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Online Classes

Learning continues despite the challenges that we are now facing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Edenland Centre, in collaboration with our education provider partners / tutors, offers you a range of effective and engaging online classes.

Online  Cambridge  English Bookworm Club (Year 2  - Year 4)

Our English Bookworm Club is a fun and engaging English programme designed specially for young learners. It is mapped to the Cambridge English Primary Curriculum framework with the aim of helping children develop the love of the English Language through interactive activities such as guided reading, facilitated discussion, comphrehension exercises and guided writing.

This programme is conducted by Ms Amanda Felix, who has a Diploma in TESOL and Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has over 13 years of teaching experience as a Cambridge English teacher and speech & drama trainer

Bookworm Club.png

Online  English Literature Circle (Year    4 - 6)

Literature Circle is a structured Guided Reading session for Upper Primary students to promote a love of reading. Students are engaged in critical thinking and reflection as they read, discuss and respond to the literature that they are reading. They will learn to appreciate the various elements of literature, such as character development, setting and theme. As their vocabulary bank is expanded, and they learn to emulate an author's writing style, their writing skills will improve too. 

The Literature Circle is conducted by Mr Eric Voong, an IGCSE teacher with 12 years of teaching experience in various English Academy including British Council. 

For more info, refer to our Literature Circle webpage:

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Online Cambridge & IGCSE English    (Year 7 - 12)

Our online English classes are conducted by teachers with international school teaching experience.

Mr. Daniel Dusanjh has over 10 years of experience in teaching IGCSE English in Cambridge scshools and private coaching. He is also a Google Certified Educator and a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. He regularly provides training to teachers in utilising online tools and resources to enable blended learning and flipped classroom systems.

Mr Nigel Amritch is an IGCSE English & History teacher and a Debate trainer. He has over 10 years of teaching experience as a private tutor and in IGCSE Centre and various English Academy including BlueBricks. Over the years, he has conducted many writing workshops for international school students, training the young ones not only on writing skills but also advanced reasoning and critical thinking skills. Nigel also has experience working as assistant editor, columnist and media correspondent.

Mr. Yoshua Chua has over 10 years of teaching experience. He has a Bachelor of Communication degree from Monash University and completed his Master In Divinity from Seminari Theoloji Malaysia in 2010. He worked as an A-Levels lecturer at Methodist College for 10 years, and served as a vice principal for a private school in Johor for 2 years. 

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Online Science Class

Science Bridge Academy provides supplementary science classes that focus on scientific concepts and applications that are aligned with the Cambridge and IGCSE syllabus. The programmes cover all the core sciences of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Forensic Science. They may be customised for the students depending on their needs and focus areas.

For more info, refer to our Science webpage:

Year 7 Science (Module 1) #1.png
Year 9 Science (Module 1) #1.png

Debate Programme

Debating is an integral part of a High School education. The ability to produce sophisticated speeches and the confidence to present them is a set of skills that can be honed through quality teaching. There is now a more urgent need than ever for our young ones to actively engage in activities that provide them with an avenue to develop good communication skills. Debate classes are excellent platforms for students to learn how to be effective communicators while developing their critical thinking, listening and collaborative skills. It is also a good way for students to build  self-esteem and develop worldview.

Our weekly Online Debate classes are conducted by experienced debate trainers from Podium Academy, who have trained over 500 students, including some National Public Speaking and Debate Champions, and 6 bursary holders to top private universities in Malaysia.

For more info, refer to our Debate webpage:

Debate Club Schedule.png

Global Thinkers Program

Teaching students to become effective thinkers is increasingly recognised as an immediate goal of education. Studies show that students who were given critical thinking lessons made statistically significant improvements in language comprehension, inventive thinking and IQ (Herrnstein et al 1986).

Our program is designed to teach students:

- how to identify & define critical thinking skills;

- apply critical thinking skills through analysis of global issues; and

- construct deductive arguments and present them through persuasive speeches.

For more info, refer to our Global Thinkers webpage:

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