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Debate Programme

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In the beginning, we imagined a country where young, eager minds could openly and bravely engage in public discussions – discussions that would nourish, nurture, and above all, instill an unwavering sense of compassion towards those that need it the most. This year, we are proud to announce that that dream is closer than ever before.


Podium now boasts some of the finest, most accomplished young debaters and public speakers in Malaysia, and we're eager to extend this opportunity to more students who are hungry to learn. Join our Debate & Public Speaking class!

Why Debate?

Why Debate?

Why Debate?


Most would say that debate is an academic sport taken up by the extroverted and talented. As debaters, we say no to such assumptions. The ability to produce sophisticated speeches and have the confidence to present them never was and still to this day not something someone is born with but rather, is a set of skills that are honed through quality teaching.  

By learning how to articulate arguments respectfully and coherently, students will develop a deeper understanding of the world around them in fields they otherwise would have never been exposed to such as international trade, the intricacies of economic systems as well as the more niche categories of general knowledge like the history behind the Disney corporation. They will then enjoy a more nourished knowledge base, the confidence to speak in public with no reservations and a command of the English language that would impress most they meet. 

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Pedagogy & Teaching Philosophy

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We honed methods that focus on being intellectually rigorous but kind to the personal development of our students. Special emphasis is placed on developing an authentic perspective / voice. We teach speech preparation  through guided writing without stifling the students' personal style.

We have a broad database of topics, from dream travel destinations to the perils of materialism. For those who are ready, we offer a competitive track with the eventual graduation to debating in tournaments.

Meet The Team

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When I started competitive debating as a freshman in college, I was encouraged and nurtured to think quickly, argue effectively, and learned how to read audiences. 


Debating seemed to place me a step ahead of my college peers. I was compelled to learn everything about anything. The mind of the debater had to have depth and the willingness to explore that depth.

These days, I spend most of my time bringing up younger debaters and watching them carefully construct powerful arguments with nothing more than their fact sheets, wit, and determination to win.

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Debating broadened my knowledge of the world, which has given me confidence to hold a conversation with most people, ace interviews, and even secure business deals at work.

I have been coaching high school and university students for 6 years now, with most of them achieving various accolades and going on to represent Malaysia at global speaking events.

I find debating to be primarily an intellectually stimulating and curiosity-inducing activity. It motivates me to think and re-think the various perspectives on issues, and it gives me so much fulfillment to find and argue the best case for each perspective.

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At the age of 16, I represented the country in the International Public Speaking Competition, London, as the youngest Malaysian student to do so. My experience in high school had one salient takeaway; that students thrive when educators are passionate about what they teach.


Since starting PODIUM at the age of 17 with my two best friends, I have never been more fulfilled with an endeavour. The experience of nurturing students and seeing them go on and surpass your own past achievements is both humbling and a moment of pride for any teacher.

Speaking skills cannot be overlooked in the modern day. Today, students are more competitive than ever. I strive to make my own students just as invigorated.

Want to learn more about our debate & public speaking programme? 

Get in touch with us today!

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