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Science Bridge Academy


We inspire students to love Science

Thematic and experiential learning are core to the way we deliver our programmes and we believe that these methods will be key drivers to innovation in education.

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Thematic Learning

At Science Bridge Academy, our Science  programmes are developed with thematic learning in mind.


We believe that by adopting this methodology, it will articulate the roles of students as an enquirer and the trainer as leader of the enquirer.


Programme Structure

We provide supplementary science classes that focus on scientific concepts and applications that are aligned with the IGCSE syllabus. 

Our programmes cover all the core sciences of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Forensic Science. They may be customised for the students depending on their needs and focus areas.


Our Team

Our team of passionate educators love inspiring and communicating with the next generation to encourage their interest in science and technology.


Ever ready to create and deliver fresh and awesome content to our students, our team is truly dedicated to the Science Bridge Academy mission.

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